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Health concerns

Can I fly while I'm pregnant?

Yes – however, this depends on how long you’ve been pregnant by the time of your return flight.

If you are more than 28 weeks on return, most airlines will insist on a doctor's certificate.

If you are more than 32 weeks on return, some airlines may refuse to carry you.

If you are flying with our in-house airline, and are less than 34 weeks on return, we will gladly take you anywhere. However, obtaining a doctor's certificate is always advisable


What help is available to people with disabilities during a Cambodia Holiday?

We aim to provide an outstanding holiday experience for everyone. Where extra assistance is needed, we will always do our best to provide it. This includes providing a wheelchair, fridge for medication storage, or dialysis during your flight.



Vaccinations and Inoculations
What immunisations might I need for my holiday destination?

We recommend that you consult your doctor about immunisation before travelling to tropical regions.

Eating and drinking precautions

Should I drink the tap water abroad?
As a rule, we advise against drinking tap water or using it to clean your teeth, make ice, or wash food that will not be cooked. This does not mean that the water is dirty, but its mineral content may differ from your usual tap water and may upset your stomach.

Bottled water is readily available at all resorts – but always check the bottle seal is intact.

What other drinking precautions should I take?
Take care with locally produced spirits – some may have a very high alcohol content, so watch your refills.

What about eating?
All First Choice hotels are thoroughly vetted for safety and hygiene, however, we suggest you still take sensible precautions when abroad:

Ensure that hot meat products (for example burgers, sausages and poultry) are thoroughly cooked
Ensure raw foods are stored separately from cooked foods or dairy products
Ensure high-risk foods such as dairy products are stored separately from raw foods
Do not handle or prepare food if you have an upset stomach
Wash utensils used for raw food preparation or storage in hot water before using them to prepare cooked foods
Wash your hands after handling raw foods, visiting the toilet, before eating and after handling soil, sand and animals
Ensure all foods are protected from birds, flies and other insects
Ensure any re-heated food is piping hot all the way through before you eat it


Should I bring First Aid supplies with me on holiday?
If you suffer from any medical condition that requires prescription or specific medication, you should always bring it with you.

In addition, there are essential First Aid items every traveller should take with them on holiday. We suggest you pack:

Insect repellent
Antiseptic cream
Cotton wool
Treatment for an upset stomach
A high factor sunscreen
After-sun treatment

What if I need more serious First Aid?
If you have an incident on holiday, our First Aid-certified Reps in your resort will be happy to help.

You should also ensure your travel insurance covers unforeseen medical expenses abroad. We offer inclusive holiday insurance with respected brokers at great value prices