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Baggage allowance

What is my baggage allowance for package holidays?For those travelling on package holidays, the baggage allowance on board our airline for checked-in luggage is usually 20kg (44lbs) per person. For Premier holidays the allowance is 23kg (50.6Ibs). No single item of luggage may exceed 23kg (50.6Ibs).

Children under the age of two on the date of their return flight, will receive an individual luggage allowance of 10kg (22Ibs). At present, carriage of infant pushchairs and buggies is free of charge and will not be counted as part of the parents’ baggage allowance.

What is my baggage allowance for flight-only bookings?All flight-only customers are entitled to a free hand luggage allowance of up to 5kg. Customers wishing to check in luggage may do so for a small charge by selecting the option whilst making a booking. A maximum of 5 items of luggage can be pre-booked by each passenger. Prices start from £16 return (£8 each way) per item for shorthaul routes, £20 return (£10 each way) for midhaul routes, and £30 return (£15 each way) for longhaul flights.*


Each passenger who has opted to pay for check in luggage has a total allowance of 20kg per person, irrespective of the number of bags checked in. Please note that each item may not exceed 20kg without excess baggage charges being levied. Any single item of checked-in luggage must not exceed 23kg, as this exceeds the recommended guidelines for airport baggage handlers to lift.

Each passenger may also take one piece of hand luggage weighing up to 5kg on board (Max. dimensions: 55cm x 40cm x 20cm).

Customers choosing to book a Premium Seat (on selected flights) will enjoy an inclusive check in baggage allowance. Premium seats include a total of 30kg baggage allowance (a maximum of 23kg can be checked in to the hold and up to 7kg can be taken on board).

When and how are excess baggage fees paid?
Your excess baggage charges must be paid when you check in at the airport. Most major credit and debit cards, cheques, cash and local currency will be accepted. This may vary, depending on the airport.

Why do you charge for excess baggage?
 We plan in advance just how much baggage weight will be loaded on to each plane for take off. So, when a customer wants to check in more baggage than their allowance, we are often faced with extra costs like handling, screening, not to mention more fuel.

So to keep it fair for everyone, we have a zero tolerance towards excess baggage, and we publish our charges on our websites and in our airports.

Your baggage allowance will be printed on your tickets. If you go over your baggage allowance, we’ll need to charge you for each extra kilogram you take, and remember that regardless of excess baggage fees paid, no single item of baggage may exceed 23kg (this is for health and safety reasons).

We want you to enjoy every moment of your holiday, and that includes your time in the airport, too.  So please pack sensibly!

What hand luggage can I take on board?

Hand luggage allowance is limited to one small piece per person, weighing less than 5kg (11lbs) and measuring up to 55cm x 40cm x 20cm.

Other bags such as handbags or laptop computers must be carried within the single item of cabin luggage.


What items are not allowed in my hand luggage?

For security reasons, the following items are strictly prohibited from being carried on board as hand luggage. They will need to be packed away in your checked baggage.

-Toy or replica guns
-Razor blades
-Swiss Army knives, pen knives and knives with blades of any length
-Household cutlery
-Hypodermic syringes (except for medical use)
-Knitting needles
-Sporting bats
-Billiard, snooker or pool cues
-Any liquids in quantities greater than 100ml:
-All drinks, including water, soups and syrups
-Perfumes, lotions, oils and mascara
-Pressurised containers, including shaving foam and spray deodorant
-Pastes, including toothpastes
-Hair and shower gels
-Lip gloss
-Any other solutions and items of similar consistency

Cigarette lighters, one small lighter may now be carried through security search points, the lighter container will form part of the liquid allowance within the re-sealable plastic bag. It can either be placed inside the bag or handed separately for screening. It is very important that customers do not place the lighter into their cabin bag after screening and must be carried on their person for the duration of the flight for safety reasons. Butane cigarette lighters are now permitted to be carried on your person on flights to/from the USA/Mexico and Jamaica, however torch lighters remain prohibited. Additionally lighters and matches should not be packed in hold luggage under any circumstances.

Essential medicines and baby food may be permitted in quantities greater than 100ml on a case-by-case basis. They will subject to the following authentication:

-Any medicines taken on board must be essential for the flight, for example diabetic kits. Passengers must bring with them a prescription or other supporting documentation from a relevant qualified medical professional.
-Baby milk/formula and liquid baby food can also be taken on board, but must be tasted by the accompanying parent or guardian at security checkpoints.


Can I take my child’s pushchair on the flight?
Taking pushchairs or buggies on board is free of charge with our in-house airline and will not count as part of your baggage allowance. These items can be taken to the airport gate with you and are then carried in the aircraft hold and collected at baggage reclaim on arrival.

If you have booked a flight through our website but with another airline and would like to bring a pushchair or buggy on board, please call and let us know in advance so that we can make arrangements. Unfortunately, carriage of these items cannot always be guaranteed with other airlines.



Can I carry larger items on board?
If you have larger items that you need to travel with, such as your skis, snowboard, diving equipment or musical instrument, please call us before you fly. We’ll attempt to secure carriage, but will need to check for available space.

How much will I pay?
Carriage of larger items may be subject to an added charge (except wheelchairs and infant pushchairs).

Charges for round trips can be seen below:

For Golf Clubs
Short & Mid haul - £15 return
Long haul - £20 return

For Bicycles
Short & Mid haul - £30 return
Long haul - £60 return

For Surfboards/Windsurfers/Kitesurfers/Paragliders/Canoes
Short haul - £35 return
Mid haul - £45 return
Long haul - £60 return

Diving Equipment is charged as excess baggage - on production of diving certificate, travellers can recieve 5kg free of charge
Snow Skis, Snowboards - £40
Dinghies & Musical Instruments as excess baggage - note: musical instruments must be checked into hold unless they meet hand baggage guidelines.

Wheelchairs are carried free of charge and not be included in your baggage allowance. They must be carried in the hold and collected in baggage reclaim. Please make sure your wheelchair is adequately insured before travelling.

How can I get my items from the airport to the resort?

Please note that we cannot transfer windsurfers, surfboards, bicycles or other unconventional items from the airport to your accommodation. Please make your own arrangements for these items.


Luggage delays and damage

What happens if my luggage is delayed?We make every effort to locate missing or delayed items, using our World Tracing System.

In the event that an item is delayed:

1.Before you leave the airport, ensure the handling agents have completed and handed you a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). If in doubt, see the baggage handlers in your arrival terminal.
2.Keep your PIR safe, along with flight tickets, baggage receipts and other relevant travel documents.
3.Once we’ve located your baggage, you will be informed immediately. It will then be delivered to the address on your PIR.
4.Our handing agents at the airport will trace luggage for five days. After this, our Secondary Tracing Department will continue our efforts.

What if my luggage is lost?

In the unlikely event that this happens, you are encouraged to make a claim.

Like all airlines, we have limited liability in this situation, under the Montreal Convention. We recommend that you make a claim with your own travel insurance company, as they will undoubtedly offer a higher level of cover.

However, if you do wish to pursue your claim – or if you experience any difficulties – please contact our claims handling agents, who will offer assistance.